What Our Clients are Saying.


Fast, efficient and dedicated! Their staff and especially armed response are friendly and excellent at their jobs! Can't go wrong with Premier! July 2019


Yes, lovely friendly staff. Nice to see their awesome new cars and goegeous branding. July 2019


I've only had the best service from premier, and the response time is extremely fantastic less then minutes they are standing at your door even if it's a false alarm. Can only mention good about premier. June 2019


The best security company in Kirstenhof! May 2019


They committed to a smaller area and more personable March 2019


I am impressed... Last night our dogs started barking in the house, and would NOT go outside. My wife investigated, and saw a shadow in our garden. I was in the bathroom, with my hair full of shampoo. She pressed the panic button, and 2 Premier armed response vehicles arrived in a very short time. The Premier armed resopnse guys were very good, and checked every nook an cranny of the garden and surrounds. Once the all crear was given, they continued to patrol our street regularly, for a few more hrs. Thanks again Premier. March 2018