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Good day Richard

I would like to express  how pleasant it was dealing with Michael and Brandon yesterday. These two gentlemen are a credit to your company. Their technical knowledge and efficiency, coupled with their willingness to look for solutions which benefited us as the client, made for a good experience all round.

Kind regards

Graham Stephens

Dear Richard

I would like to make special mention of one of your ladies in the call
centre that went far and beyond the call of duty over the holiday season.
My apologies for taking so long to send this e mail through but I have been
moving house, I want to do a huge shout out for a lady called Venetia at the
call centre who deserves to be commended on her willingness to help a
customer in distress.

On New Years Day we received a call from our neighbours to say that the gate
in London Rd our my sons student diggs had been left open by one of the
young students living there. All the residents were out of town so there was
no one to close the gate.

I had no idea what to do so in desperation I called Venetia. She was very
understanding and called the patrol guys and they went to investigate. It
looked impossible to sort out but Venetia understood the urgency of the
situation. After numerous calls back and forth between the guy on patrol and
Venetia a plan was made to get the gate closed. She never gave up on us and
she kept us in the loop until the problem had been solved.

She could have just said sorry we can’t help but she persevered. I was so impressed with
willingness to help and the kind way in which she dealt with me on the
phone. I can’t thank her enough for getting us out of a very stressful
situation. What a wonderful lady.

I thought as her boss you needed to know what a star you have working for
you and I would recommend your security service because of this experience.
Please acknowledge her for her kindness.

She went far and beyond the call of duty. Well done Venetia you are my Star
of the New Year.

Kind regards
Sharon McCarthy
6 London Rd.

Dear Mr Frost

Re: Conduct of your Security Officer in Zwaanswyk Road Tokai

As you are undoubtedly aware, Zwaanswyk Road was recently subject to a hazardous fire of monumental proportions.

I would like to inform you, in case you are unaware of the details, that your security officer, Hannes behaved in a manner during the crisis that was noteworthy and outstanding in the extreme.

Hannes was here, hour after hour, to the extent where I questioned the relieving officer the next day.  I was informed that Hannes had refused to leave his post, refused to abandon his people of Zwaanswyk Road in our time of dire need.

He worked tirelessly and heroically with and for the residents, going way beyond the call of duty.

He personally accompanied Dieter Noli of Sahibi Stud Farm onto his property to ensure his safety; he awoke from a deep sleep the octogenarian couple from Almondbury Lane, the Collings from their beds just in time to save them from their home which burnt to the ground, and walked Mr Collings back in an attempt to save his cats.

These are just some of the isolated incidents I have heard reported by my neighbours. I am certain there are many more stories to tell.

I wish to place on record my deepest gratitude to Hannes.  He is a hero of the highest order and a wonderful human being.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Yours sincerely

Foziah Prins

(71 Zwaanswyk Road, Tokai)

Zwaanswyk Fire :

A letter written to Chairperson of ZAPO from a very satisfied client.

Dear Lyndi

No problem  premier has done more than enough. Hannes got me back to the farm again after I had evacuated the last of our personnel.  Just Hannes and I got back, our western boundary  and the entire forest adjacent to our southern perimeter went up in flames.  If he and I had not been there to immediately deal with the numerous small outbreaks that resulted… well, we would no longer have a house.

As it was, we merely lost about two dozen trees (some may survive), thirty-something paddock poles, 120 square meters of flower-beds and some grazing.

Hannes energetically assisted me during the initial, hardest part of the fight.  After that  knowing that I was on my own he continuously checked up on me as the night wore on, making certain that I was still alright.

Premier can be extremely proud to have such a dedicated security officer on their staff.

All the best,

Dieter Noli

March 2015

Letter written by one of our customers to a friend considering installing security. (from Lydia Davey, Resident in Marina De Gama)

Subject: Premier Security Company

Hi Lenise

Richard Frost from PREMIER SECURITY SYSTEMS’ details are:  richard@onguard.co.za or  phone: 021 701 9955.

You can also check out their website and Facebook Page.

Premier’s service has been outstanding from the first day we contacted them, so Really Highly Recommended!

Here is an extract from letter I wrote to  my daughter after my son, Ruan, and I had investigated various options.

Remember this is an armed response package, so we’ve done a lot of homework on different companies in the area. It’s   (1) company’s reputation and service   (2) price and composition of package   (3) monthly cost of armed response.

1)Premier has the best reputation around here. Chubb didn’t get back to Ruan or me, though we spoke to regional manager for this area. ( Me: twice). Service also not very good or erratic.Many residents are changing to other companies. ADT good but expensive.

2) Ruan checked out specs for this package (hardware) consisting of 2 systems. (Recommended to me by 2 people with same Paradox systems in high risk areas.) But it’s not just about cost of hardware, which you may get cheaper through Jurgen.

3.) Ruan and I checked out the company, Premier. Richard Frost was here himself to look at house, etc. They are expanding in our area and have built up a very good reputation. R150 per month, pensioner’s special. Head office in Main Rd near Marina. One guard around Marina all day, Racardo: very intelligent, professional and effective. The other one also very friendly and efficient.

Chubb: expensive monthly fee : R280 + contribution to Marina Committee for their cabin  just off Oudevlei Rd. Not always armed. .

ADT  monthly R488 = too expensive.”



Oct 2014

Hi Richard

I would like to take this time to thank you and your team for what can only be described as amazing service. Each and every e-mail, telephonic conversation & recent on site visit from your technical team has left me amazed. The level of organization, punctuality and professionalism is top draw stuff. Really wished I had noted the names of all the people we have dealt with so far, to mentioned them personally, however please extended our thanks and a job well done to the whole team from our side.

I run a sales team and fully understand the difficulty in getting a team all working together towards a common goal  WELL DONE GUYS!

Looking forward to the road ahead with Premier, if your guarding is anything like your operational organization we can certainly sleep well at night. Lets just hope I havent jinxed it.

Have a good weekend.


Stuart Geldenhuys

Technical Sales Manager

Dear Richard,

This is a long overdue email to say thank you to your team. We have been so impressed with your staff from the very beginning – the technical team, the admin, and especially the security men on duty everyday. Everyone has been friendly and highly professional. The reaction time is fast, and the security men use their initiative in the goings-on of our neighbourhood. They are well-liked by everyone we’ve spoken to.

In short we are extremely happy with the service level of Premier!

Kind regards

Kerry Wilson

Dear Richard,

I am a client living in Klein Wassenaar and on a couple of occasions over the years have needed the services of your technician Clinton. Firstly to install the alarm system. On that occasion he took endless time explaining to me how to operate the system and never once became impatient or showed that he was in a hurry.

I needed him to come and repair a problem a few days ago and once again, he arrived on time, was patient with my requests and thoroughly checked the system.

I just feel I would like you know what a charming young person Clinton is and I am sure a huge asset to your company. I know it is not always easy dealing with customers demands. Clinton seems to do it with charm and dedication.

I trust he will always be around to assist us with our alarm systems

Thank you


Mrs Gainsford

Dear Richard

Your installation team Ricardo & Sisa just finished up at my house this morning and I would just like to let you know that there work was absolutely professional and excellent.

They informed me of everything I needed to know. I asked for a quote yesterday and got it first thing this morning. I asked them what time they think they will finish and they said about 10:30 and in fact they were finished at 10am. I am very very impressed with them and would recommend them to anyone. They were always friendly and courteous.

You must value a team like this as in this day and age you dont find staff who will work this professionally.

Thank you for making this experience a pleasant one and I will be going onto www.hellopeter.com and posting a positive comment about your company and staffs professional service.

Kind regards

Claudette Keal